On Dojo Island in Borre Lake - Sejs  Denmark during the 3 day dojo 2016

On Dojo Island in Borre Lake - Sejs Denmark during the 3 day dojo 2016


There is a dojo

There is a Dojo - a place of practice
Far beyond the place
even beneath the space
within time it is hidden
is the language
the practice of love
is its DO
Practicing is
the DO of DO-paths
where being and doing
becomes one
by letting go
The fee is
not to judge
breath its rhythm
trust the glue

Consciousness the sensei
Fulfillment its goal
Healing of hearts
is its action
It needs no protection
Life itself guards its gates
Joy its song
Companionship its gift
It has no name
In this moment I call it
Dojo of the Heart
My heart overflows with gratitude
For life
For being awake


What is dojo?

In Japanese, dojo means, “place of the Way”. It is traditionally considered to be the place for two activities: as a training ground for learning specific techniques of an art (martial, meditation, flower arranging, music, etc) and as an arena for individual self realization and growth.

This last because it is understood that a person has to “be right” internally to be able to apply techniques outwardly in a masterful way. Although, in a traditional dojo, technique is considered very important and even at times considered the actual teacher, it is also understood that true mastery only takes place in transcending the rote application of techniques.

Given this, let me offer,
    “A dojo is a place for training in techniques of an art. In its advanced form it is a place to train in transforming those techniques into the masterful application of power. 
At its best it is a meeting ground for the practice and embodiment of transformational arts.
By its very nature, it is always respectful of place, people, and tradition”. 

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What is a Warrior of the Heart?

Our definition of a warrior has nothing to do with fighting, though active involvement may be part of it. Nor does it involve any kind of aggression though strong actions may be required.

It does refer to someone willing to learn to take skillful dynamic actions in the service of others. We admire the traditional values of warriorship, such as sincerity, honesty, courage, personal responsibility, and loyalty.

When we use the term “Heart” we are referring to compassion and empathy, but also to heart as:

  • The prime mover of vitality in an organism or an organization

  • The center or essence of a thing or idea as in, “The heart of the matter is...”

  • Strength and personal commitment as in, “She has the heart to carry through.” letting intuition informing our actions as in, “My heart says I should help.”

The term Heart has many possible meanings, but all taken together indicate actions of strength and integrity based in caring for others.

So let me offer this, 
“A Warrior of the Heart is a person who courageously steps up in skillful service to those in need, and is active in perfecting powerful, compassionate, and life enhancing wiser actions in the world.”



What is the Practising for Peace Dojo?

Our dojo trains in practices that develop and build abilities for skilful actions and wise decisions. We can’t solve what has already happened, but we can start today by practicing peace consciously, individually and together. Peace could be more than just a topic. A practice. Something that we respect, not just talk about.

Let us step beyond the idea that a dojo needs to be a physical place, and consider that our Warrior of the Heart Dojo first and foremost resides in our hearts, and that training can happen wherever Warriors of the Heart meet to practice.

How may we use our consciousness, our intelligence, our kindness, our compassion, and our ability to be clear-headed, to begin to practice peace?

Dojo practices joyfully birth more compassionate warriorship from within each of us. Wherever practitioners show up and are ready to learn and teach both, there the dojo arises.