Emerald Dojo
September 2018

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A dojo for warriors and stewards of the heart

Derry, Londonderry, N. Ireland


Thurs 20th – Sun 23rd Sept, 2018


Our calling question:


‘How do I strengthen my practice of peace to respond to uncertain and fragile times on this land and in an ever changing world?’


In these days of uncertainty and change the complexity of intersecting lives brings a call to the seekers of peace to practice together.

We invite you to join us in the parklands of St. Columbs Park House on the edge of the city of Derry in Northern Ireland for our Peace Dojo.


We invite you into a space where we will explore our deeper sense of purpose and belonging as we face these interesting and challenging times in a field of practice using the principles of Aikido, the Japanese bokken (wooden practice sword), through Art of Hosting practices, and through playing the Flow Game together.

The call to be more conscious, more centred, and more grounded arises from this land and bids us forward as we face our future together here and on this planet.

"There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in it's roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more." - Lord Byron


You are invited to a three-day residential dojo to learn and to practise in a beautiful setting with others who are passionate about practicing peace.

In dealing with the challenges, complexities, and demands of modern life, this gathering offers us an opportunity to explore ways to work from a place of peace and strength: a place that has the heart at the centre, is balanced, calm and clearly decisive when action is needed. Through guidance and fellowship, let's explore practices that offer insight into the nature of leading self and others as a "Practitioner of Peace".

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The Dojo

In this dojo, we will:

●       Bring together the principles and practices of Aikido basics as a stimulus for conversation and reflection, and apply the Flow Game to seed wise action

●       Assist to explore ways of engaging and aligning personal passion and purpose with the work we want and need to be doing in the world

●       Offer an opportunity to focus on improving our sense of well-being in good company and with informed guidance

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The Team

This gathering is being organised by Toke, Charo, Julian, Kieron, Melinda and Simone.

Toke Moeller is the host and sensei of the dojo, he is a warrior of the heart Aikido practitioner and host of participatory leadership processes. He is a co-creator of The Art of hosting, The Flow Game, The Practicing for Peace dojo and Designing for Wiser Action.


 Derry Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 

The location of St Columb’s Park House is in the heart of a park that is steeped in heritage and nature and is ideal for reflection, restoring energy and connecting to nature. This important park is a breathing space, the 'lungs' of the city and is accessible to everyone.

‘At the end of the peace bridge, nestled in a beautiful historic park, lies one of the best kept secrets in the City, St Columb’s Park House. We believe that a better world is possible and that everyday people and everyday activism is the key to achieving this’.

Dates & Times

Dojo starts: Thurs 20th Sept  2018 at 18:00

Dojo ends: Sunday 23rd Sept  at 14:00 after lunch.

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Fees & Co-responsibility

The practice of generosity

If you can pay the full fee plus make a gift of any size this will go towards sponsoring someone else’s participation. We particularly hope those on low incomes and young people/students can benefit from this generosity in the practice of peace. The following fees are for participation and meals.

Minimal Registration Fee: 210€

(N.B. this covers attendance of the dojo for the weekend and meals, accommodation is NOT included) 

Full Registration Fee: 365€*

(N.B. this covers attendance of the dojo for the weekend and meals, accommodation is NOT included)

Some thoughts on fees - practising conscious economy. 

We want to make it possible for anyone who sincerely wants to step into this dojo and practice their passion and their peace to come. This means we are encouraging everyone who can to pay the full fee as this will provide the strongest economy for this to happen. This is why we kept the budget to the very minimum. We trust that with everyone’s efforts we can make the dojo economy balance in a good way. 'If you cannot afford the full or minimal fee please do not let money be a barrier to you attending. If it is your passion to be in the practice of peace with us and you really want to be part of this fellowship then contact Charo on charolanao@gmail.com and open a conversation about how it might be possible for you to attend in a conscious way.’ 

We are also warmly encouraging early registration as that will help us organise and get ready. 

Meals during the training are included in the registration fee.

Accommodation is not included as there are different choices available according to your need. Alcoholic drinks for evening meals and celebration are not included - bring your own :-)


Onsite accommodation is dormitory and costs £17.50 person/night. They have up to 45 beds distributed in 4 dorms and 2 leaders.

The alternative is the Maldron Hotel for £98 or the City Hotel for £108 or the lovely new Shipquay Hotel which is £90/night/person.


How to pay? 

Please pay using internet banking to

Youthspirit Ltd
House 27,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2

IBAN – IE47BOFI90001727681889

When making payment:

1.  Please reference your payment DOJO2018

2.  Email Jools@thegoodsummit.com to confirm payment has been made. Your payment will be receipted when it is received.

Please note:

•  Registration is confirmed once the payment is received.

•  A gentle reminder that early registration is encouraged so our budget is clearer.

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Cancellation Policy

The tricky thing in preparing for an event is that all the planning depends upon the number of people who come. As a result, we are trying to get the clearest possible sense of attendance in order to prepare ourselves and the venue without incurring high fees for cancellations.

•  If you cancel your registration on or before August 10th, you will receive a full refund of all participation fees minus a 50€ deposit.

•  If you cancel between the August 11th and September 5th, you will receive 50% of your total fees.

•  From September 6th we must charge full fees.

•  You may of course give your place to someone else without any surcharge.

Travel Information

While Ireland is a beautiful little island, it can take a little longer to navigate than you might expect. To help you with your travel plans here are a couple of routes and timings.

Leaving from Dublin Airport
By car it should take roughly 2 hrs 50 mins. Google Map (car)
By public transport it should take roughly between 4 hrs 30 mins and 5 hrs. An example route  link

Leaving from Belfast Airport
By car it should take roughly 1 hr 25 min Google Map Belfast route (car)
By public transport it should take 2 hrs 30 mins to 3 hrs 30 mins An example route link
Links for public transport for up-to-date schedules and fares

Aircoach (Dublin)
Translink (Belfast)
NI Railways
Irish Rail Enterprise to Belfast


What is a peace dojo?




For general questions about accommodation, the venue, accommodation etc., that have not been answered in the above information, please email Charo Lanao on charolanao@gmail.com.

For specific queries about the dojo and practice, please contact Toke Moeller on  toke@interchange.dk

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