Emerald Isle Practising for Peace Dojo
to Sep 23

Emerald Isle Practising for Peace Dojo

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This little island, rich in traditions and cultures, is, as ever, changing and transforming.

In the welcoming grounds of St Columb’s Park House we offer you an opportunity to come together with us for contemplation and practice in the Practising for Peace Dojo.

Will you join us from 20th to 23rd September 2018 in Ireland to consider the question:

How do I strengthen my practice of peace to respond to uncertain and fragile times? on this land? on our island?

An invitation with more details will follow.  If you are interested in receiving an invitation please email: cameroncoenmediation@gmail.com

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UK Art of Hosting Practitioners Gathering
9:00 AM09:00

UK Art of Hosting Practitioners Gathering


UK Art of Hosting Practitioners Gathering
Lumen Centre
Kings Cross
London WC1 9RS

In this increasingly noisy, busy, chaotic and confusing world, we need to act decisively, peacefully and with clarity to work for what really matters. Yet we are so often pulled in too many directions, frantic and burnt out from the scale of what faces us. Here is a warm invitation to connect with other practitioners of the art of hosting in the UK.

Toke Moller will be joining us for a one-day taster session of the Warrior of the Heart Dojo. A training and practice ground for those wishing to explore and master the wise working of power in their lives. It incorporates experiential learning practices from Aikido, the Art of Hosting, Flow game and other similar fields to explore the edges of our personal and professional interactions.

  • Practice facing difficult situations from a grounded and clear hearted source
  • Play the flow game in the company of mates and be in enquiry around your personal and professional questions about the work you wish to do in the world
  • Experience the potential for greater collaboration across the network, who are we all and what’s possible for us together now? The day will be hosted by Paulette Singer, Jose Barco, Fausto Llopis and Georgina Wilson, with support from Linda Joy Mitchell.

In order to make it as accessible as possible, we are asking everyone to bring food to share for lunch, there is no fee for the day but we ask that you make a contribution to costs on the day. Pay as you feel, trusting in the generosity and synchronicity of rightful economy.

Sign up here if you would like to come.

To speak to someone about the day, you can contact us on 07948 936674

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the invitation.

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Practice for Life, near Montpellier, France
to Apr 22

Practice for Life, near Montpellier, France

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Wherever practitioners show up and are ready to learn, there the dojo arises. You are invited to a three day residential dojo to learn in a beautiful setting with other rainbow warriors of the heart. Bilingual French/English.

Là où des praticiens prêts à apprendre se manifestent, alors le dojo apparaît. Vous êtes invité(e) à un dojo de 3 jours, en résidentiel, pour apprendre dans un très bel endroit avec d’autres guerriers du cœur. Bilingue français/anglais.

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