European Forum Alpbach dojo 2018…

Taking part in the warrior of the heart dojo was a strengthening and enriching experience. I would often arrive at the practice tired and with many things on my mind, but I would always leave refreshed with new energy and joy.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the practice that you taught us and the space of community and trust that you created. I hope to continue practising what I have learned and to share it.

I think that what I have learned will help me to be a better listener, decision maker, and action-taker in my personal and professional life.

  • a young leader from Germany


St Columbs peace center - Derry Northern Ireland

Thank you all for a wonderful experience. I learned more about peace in those 2 days than I have in my life’s work in ‘peace building’.

The dojo opened my eyes to the embodiment of peace as a personal practice, as a way of life. So often, we busy ourselves with the fixing of problems rather than just being peace.

As a women, I also really valued the Dojo practice where I physically had to interact and engage with someone. Sometimes it is too easy to conform to the physical passivity of what is expected of a women (especially in Northern Ireland). To stand with courage and strength felt very grounding and natural in the Dojo.

Truely, it was a safe space. Free from judgement and fear. I am hungry for more!

Thank you all,

  • a leader for peace in Derry